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Mission: Accomplished!

We’ve all been there.  That restaurant or store that we wonder how (or why) in the world it’s still open and leave vowing never to come back.  The nasty and horrible bathrooms we find in public.  And the dishes at sit-down restaurants where you’re pretty sure the chef’s last name is Boyardee.

Chef Robert Irvine is on a mission to help via his Food Network television show Restaurant: Impossible.  Each episode, Irvine travels to a restaurant in dire straits.  Most of the restaurants haven’t made a profit in months, if not years.  Customers often aren’t returning because of issues with either the food or the menu, sometimes a combination that causes problems.  (Last night’s episode featured a restaurant that had too many menus with too many options that caused delays in service, in addition to unappetizing dishes.)  Decor is often problematic or out-dated and needs fixing.  Often ownership and management is an issue as well.  (Last night’s owner “micro managed” and had to learn to trust his chefs of well-over 25 years to get the job done as well as him.)

My husband and I aren’t cooking show fans, so it’s interesting that several of our favorite shows to watch are on Food Network.  It used to be that if it was a “cooking show”, that’s all they did and it was ultra-boring.  This show and others (Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives for example) give you a look at more of the ins and outs of cooking and restaurant ownership.  Anthony and I have even developed our own concept for a diner and love taking notes from shows like these.

One of the blessings or benefits of his show, if you ask me, is that Irvine really and truly wants them to succeed and do better.  I get the distinct impression that failing or floundering restaurants break his heart.  He sees the owners putting their heart into the restaurants and dishes and then it just not working.  Fortunately for them, Irvine shows up with his know-how and help in addition to $10 thousand.  He concentrates on the kitchen and menu items, while his two design assistants lend their talent to the front of house.  It’s really inspiring and uplifting to see what they accomplish in the two days and the joy on the owners faces at the success of the mission!

So what are some things that bring you back to a restuarant over and over?  What kind of things are sure to have you out the door permanently?


And the winner is…

America’s newest obsession is quite arguably reality shows.  While I’m not always a huge fan of the typical ones most of America loves, I do have a few I really enjoy.  My most recent following has been NBC’s The Voice.  It’s not my favorite, but it’s close and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Last night, it was down to the final four: Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez, Dia Frampton, and Javier Colon.  (See the link to The Voice for bios on them and performance videos.)  It was a night of some amazing performances from the finalists with some big-name artists from the music business.

Tuesday night was even more impressive than last night was for me.  The artists duets with their coaches (Christina Aguillera, CeeLo Green, Blake Shelton, and Adam Lavine respectively) were very well put together and quite entertaining.  Beverly’s original song was 100 percent rock star quality and totally worthy of a win.  Vicci really showed her personality and creativity, especially with her duet involving CeeLo.  Their creativity and performance was on the level of MTV videos in their heyday.  Dia has really come out of her shell under Shelton’s tutelage and was absolutely adorable during her duet with Blake.

But it was father of two, Javier Colon, who took home the prize!  Javier is well deserving of a break and the chance to pursue a dream career.  As the original “Voice”, Javier has now won $100,000 and a recording contract, both of which mean that he can support his family and get into the music industry.

If you missed it and want to check them out, the music is on both the NBC website and iTunes.  There are also full episodes and more video on the website as well.  Already a fan?  Dying to see them in person?  Check out the new tour schedule as well!

So keep your eye out this fall for my true fave, The Sing Off, to return, and in the mean time, let me know what you think of The Voice finalists!