Sometimes Facebook is a bad influence.  Sometimes it’s a good one.  That’s a whole ‘nother story though.

Sometime between when I got on Facebook and now, I noticed friends who celebrated Lent.  I noticed friends who posted all sort of posts about Lent… what it meant, what they were giving up, scripture.   While I’m not Catholic, it’s been interesting to follow along and read various thoughts on the matter.

Generally speaking, yes, Lent is a Catholic observance.  Others have taken the opportunity to follow the tradition as well over the past several years as well though.  On occasion, I’ve taken the chance to give up something that I felt I needed to.  For me, it was more a “self will” test.  However, the tradition holds that whatever you’re giving up you are to replace with something that will bring you closer to God… i.e. that’s the “mission” of Lent.

I don’t think you’re a horrible Christian if you do or don’t do this.  Honestly, this isn’t something I think “makes” you a Christian but that’s also a ‘nother story.  I can support something that you’re doing to better yourself in some way or that brings you closer to God.  In that manner, sure, I can support Lent.  Again, not following it doesn’t make you a horrible person either.

Anthony and I have are also contemplating doing something other than this.  Giving.  We’re looking at donating to food pantries currently.  There are a lot of ways to dedicate this time and our resources to God.

In thinking on this (am I giving up something for Lent?), I decided that I should give up french fries and hash browns (all variations on that theme).  Why?  Well, they’re not all that beneficial nutrition wise anyways and really just add carbs to whatever the meal is anyways.  Mostly I think I’m choosing this as an exercise in being more aware of what I do.  While this is specifically with what I eat, I can think of plenty of times where I need to be more aware of what I’m doing.  This also expands into needing to be aware of what I’m doing health-wise.  (I also need to get back to exercising, but that’s another story.)

I’ve also been making a valiant effort at reading my Bible from Monday through Friday, which has been a 50-50 success.  I suppose this is my “replacing it with”?  YouVersion has a website and apps where you can find several reading plans or devotionals to follow.  YouVersion has several specifically for Lent that you could start today.  You can also just… well, read the Bible!  (I’ve taken to using the app on my phone during Bible class and services.)  I’m sure there are tons of other options, too.  (I may share a bunch in another blog soon!)