Okay, so I know several people have recently acquired Windows 8 through various means and are completely (or mostly) lost.  This is the part where I PRAISE our IT department here at Chattahoochee Tech for prepping us for both Windows 8 and Office 2013 well before it’s implemented!!  (It’s still “to come”, in case you were wondering.)

I bought a new laptop back in the Spring to use for school, what with the entire Master’s program I’m in being online and all.  I felt totally at home and have been loving it and how it has mimicked my Windows phone… which I also love!!!  🙂

So here are a few things you’ll want to know…

1.  Use your Windows Live or Hotmail account to log in and set the computer up.  You can link other email addresses to the Windows email tile later if that’s not your primary email account.  Whatever you use to set the computer up is going to be your account that allows or does not allow changes to be made to the system.  ***PARENTS NOTE THAT!!!!***

2.  Do NOT flip out at the new Start screen.  Yes, it’s tiles.  Yes, you will live and probably actually love it if you set this up right.  Look around at what’s already there, you should see some familiar tiles already there for you.  Specifically note the BOTTOM LEFT one… DESKTOP.  This takes you directly to your “old fashioned” desktop like you used to have.  I use this is I’m going straight to my flash drive to open a document and start working.

3.  Take your pointer and move it up to the upper left hand side.  You’ll see a charm bar appear… yes, the “thing” that pops up is called the charm bar.  On the left side, the charm bar shows what apps you have open.  On the right side, it gives you Settings and other options.

4.  If you open an app or window, you’ll want to close it.  Place the point in the middle of the top of the screen and a hand will appear.  Click and drag the hand down to close the app/ window.

5.  If you want to add apps/ tiles to your start, click on the Store tile in the start menu.  HINT: the Windows button on your keyboard takes you back there.  The Store is just like shopping on your phone for apps… there are free and pay apps.  HINT:  If you see a little number on the tile in Start, that means you have that many apps that need updating.  Just click and then look in the upper right for where to click through to be able to Install the new versions/ updates.  (That’ll be in the bottom once you do click through.)

6.  If you have an app but it’s not on your Start screen, just start typing it while you’re on your Start screen and options will appear.

7.  If I remember right, in order to pin a website to your Start screen, I think you just right click and it should be an option?

8.  Right clicking on a tile gives you options at the bottom for changing it.  I think it “floats” the tile, too?  This is how you can customize your Start screen, too.  Right click and change the size of a tile or drag it to a new spot or unpin it.

9.  To Shut Down/ Log Off/ Sign On as a different user, pull up the right charm bar and then click on the Settings button.  You’ll see the options down at the bottom.

I’ll add some more tips and tricks once I get back home to my laptop, too.  This should be a good start though!