And I’m a Type 2 diabetic.

Just like Paula Deen, evidently…

I was diagnosed about 6 or 8 years ago now.  I’m on medications and doing decently well, not as stellarly since I haven’t watched my diet and exercise as well.  But I’m no where near death or illness from what my doctor says… or doesn’t say!

My health problems (including diabetes and others) can probably be traced to a combination of genetics and lack of better habits.  The crux of the problem stems from the fact that I am 4’8″, which is specifically from my Turner’s Syndrome (TS).  (See my blog post “the girl who lived” under TS.)  Being so short makes is hard to lose weight and hard to maintain weight loss.  It also makes it easy to gain weight and to develop other problems that can come from that.

The diet I was instructed to follow, by an actual dietitian, is actually pretty easy and I caught on fairly fast.  (Now just to get back to sticking with it and throwing in some exercise?!!)  Her instructions to me were to only eat between 30 and 45 grams of carbs per meal and 15 and 20 per snack.  She even gave me a list of how some fruits and veggies count.  I even have a list from her of ones that DO NOT count!!  (They’re just so low, there’s no point trying to count them!)

The first key I picked up on is that it’s all about what you put together.  If you eat fries, don’t eat a bun or drink regular coke.  Well, don’t drink regular coke period.  I dropped all regular sodas like a hot cake after I heard how many carbs are in there!!  (I am NOT wasting my time/ carbs on that!)  I drink either diet sodas or water.  Sometimes I find tea sweetened with an artificial sweetener and I can go for that.

Let me give you a quick fill in on what the typical American consumes in one meal without even realizing.  (This is fast food, but I bet you do almost the same!)  The average person will go to a fast food restaurant and order a hamburger meal.  That bun is 33g of carbs.  The fries are 29g, and that’s a small order.  And don’t forget the drink at 66g  for only 20oz of regular Coke.  That’s 128g of carbs for one single meal.  Congrats… you just TRIPLED what you should have in one meal.

I highly recommend  It’s SOO helpful if you’re trying to watch what you eat.  FYI, it also has information for restaurants, so be sure to check that out.  Another thing I’ve noticed, is that if you know you’re going to eat out,  many restaurants now have their nutrition information posted online.

As always, please feel free to leave a comment or question… I don’t mind at all and will try to find the answer for you!!