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A year or so ago, I really decided to get back into reading.  I have a lot of down time at work, so reading a book is easy enough to put down when I need to.  I started out with the Harry Potter and the Twilight series (more on those later).  Those two I got finished, so now I’m on the the Hunger Games and the Millennium series.  Both of these series have movie versions of the first books that have either come out or are about to come out.  I’ve read the first of both and am working on the second of the Hunger Games (Catching Fire).  But I actually have now seen The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in the theater now!

WARNING::  I’ll give you this warning BEFORE moving on to potential spoiler items.  THIS MOVIE IS GRAPHIC AND VIOLENT.  It’s rated R for a reason.  Now, if you want an idea of why and don’t mind of a bit of spoiler, continue reading.



In other words, don’t read any further if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book and don’t want me to spoil it by telling you something.


If you’ve read the book, you know what to expect (whether you realize it or not).  This movie does have both of Salander’s rapes by Advokat Bjurman and her revenge on him.  It’s a bit scarier to see these scenes playing out, but it wouldn’t be so bothersome to movie-goers if more of Salander’s past were revealed.  You still understand her anger at Bjurman without the back story on her.  There is also some nudity with the sex scenes between Salander and Blomkvist (pronounced “bloom-k-vist”).  The movie had been so graphic already, it didn’t seem as “gratuitous” as it could have otherwise.  I was very pleased to see a “familiar face” besides Daniel Craig, Goran Visnjic plays Salander’s boss, Armansky, who is one of the very few who actually seems to understand and find a way to work with and get along with the young girl.

The good news and bad news is that the ending is not the same as the book.  It’s much more simplified, so if changes from the book bother you, be aware!  Now, before you have too much of a fit, I really can approve of the change because of the way it makes the ending so much easier to follow and understand.  Finding Harriett is much simpler, as well as different.  First, Anita is not who is in London, it’s Harriet and Anita and her husband are dead already.  There’s no mention of Australia or any of that complexity.  (This also means they don’t go into the details about who’ll be running Vanger Industries and on Millennium’s board since Martin’s dead.)  Also, Salander only develops one single identity to pull off the bank moves rather than the two from the book that she uses.  (She does pay Blomkvist back after borrowing money from him though.)  I think if you’ve read the books and see the movie, you’ll agree that this ending makes it much easier for someone who hasn’t read the book to follow along.