Today’s one of those dates that sparks a whole flood of remembrances.

Well, actually, my anniversary kind of starts it off.  Today just kicks it off.

Two years ago today, we had just walked into the wedding reception of one of my college and theatre classmates.  Anthony checked his cell phone and had a call.  He went and returned it, it was a former coworker.  Anthony’s other former coworker had passed away.

Fast forward about a month.  My cell phone rings, it’s Stephen.  My friend Dodd had come home and found my best friend Cliff slumped over dead.  It appeared to have been a heart attack.

More time passes, and I’m not sure the timing, but both Anthony’s uncle and another former coworker pass away from illnesses.

This past August, I managed to discover on Facebook that my other best friend, Jason, had passed away.  Another heart attack.  It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do: trying to let our mutual friends know what’d happened.

Halloween, and my nephew is born!  But sadly, tragedy strikes again in my life the next day.  My former director and theatre professor, Stephen, who was the one who called me about Cliff and I’d just seen at Jason’s memorial in Bonifay, had passed away.

That’s all on top of the times I miss out on something with my family back in Montgomery… or just plain ‘ol miss them!!  Oh, and the usual crummy stuff in life that’s just “my lot in life”.

It’d be perfectly logical, at this point in your reading, to think there can’t be a decently, loving God if anyone has to go through this kind of loss or hurt in a two year span.  But notice I’m not done writing…

God’s blessed me and “held my hand” through all of this.  Namely He’s given me a wonderful man to stand by my side as my “best-friend-ever-of-all-time” and husband.  He’s given me friends to literally stand by me, hold my hand, or hug me.  Maybe all of the above.  He’s given me so many precious memories of these people and the chance to smile, laugh, and remember them fondly with friends to ease the hurt and pain.

So while life is pretty crummy, I’m trying to remember that with every storm there comes rainbows and plants that grow (flowers and vegetables alike).

“Then I look to You (then I look to You)
and the world’s alright with me (and the world is alright).
Just one look to You
and I know its gonna be (its gonna be).
I think its gonna a lovely day.”
Lovely Day by Out of Eden