A tall, thin tow-head walked into the auditorium Sunday night.  Oh, I knew it was him when I saw him.  There was no doubt it was him even if he was what seemed to be just a shell of the man I’d seen on television many times before.

Lawrence Pfohl was the guest speak this past Sunday at New Beginnings Christian Church.  Don’t know that name?  Well, how about the name Lex Luger.

Luger talked about his past.  He mentioned playing professional football for 15 years and busting his way through lines of players.  He also mentioned his 15 years in professional wrestling.  This was a man who was at the very tip-top of his game for a long time, holding multiple top titles.  But he describes it as a “self-centered, Lex-centered life” of chasing “fame, fortune, and glamour.”

It wasn’t until five years ago when “the Total Package” found himself sitting in a Cobb County Jail cell that he realized something had to change.  The wrestler had already had a near-death overdose experience and multiple run-ins with law enforcement.  One of the things that helped him turn his life around was a chaplain he’d befriended.

The Pfohl house was not known for attending church.  So it was a bit awkward and un-nerving for the former pro-wrestler to find himself about to enter a Sunday evening service at his friend’s request.  This was just the first baby step Luger took in finding his place with Christ.  On April 23, 2006, gave his life to Christ, ironically on the same couch that just the year earlier he had overdosed on.

Since then, the wrestler has grown in Christ.

“I’m a kindergardener now,” he proudly said after having described himself as an spiritual infant before.  His message that evening was riddled with nuggets from the gospel itself, a true indication that this was no longer a “Lex-centered” man but now a Christ-centered one.

Life has not been without its challenges for him.  Three-and-a-half years ago, Luger awoke to find himself paralyzed from the neck down.  Doctors told him and his family that there was a less than 5 percent chance he would ever even be able to move from the neck down.  This same man was not only able to walk and talk and shake hands with fans Sunday night but had even driven himself to the event.  That vibrant, gentle man who gave his testimony that night may be “totally repackaged”, but I think he likes it that way!