Yes, professional wrestling is real.  No, not the way you think it is.

Now you’re probably wondering “what in the world?”  I’m probably not the typical demographic for watching professional wrestling, but I do enjoy watching the matches.  The main reason being that I got some stage combat training in high school with my Musical Theatre class.  I think it was one day a week we studied with Jim Brown, learning rolls and punches.  We didn’t get very far by professional standards, but we enjoyed it and added some skills to our “belt.”

It wasn’t until sometime in college though that I really took to watching professional wrestling on television.  I had watched bits as a child, including the Saturday morning cartoon with the Hulk and Mr. T.  But now I was watching with an eye on the technique(s) and stunts.  I loved it!  I was having a blast essentially dissecting what they were doing and figuring out exactly how they were getting away with the tricks that looked so dangerous to spectators.  I still do this today, even though there’s a lot more “smack talk” that goes on than there used to be (more than is actually necessary, but no one asked me).

Currently running are two different shows, Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smack Down.  I watch on Mondays at 9PM (Eastern) on USA Network.  If you’re going to watch, there are a few names I can give you to look for.  Vince McMahon is a name you’d recognize if you’ve ever really watched in the past.  He’s been an icon in professional wrestling since I was a child.  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has been around for a while, so he’s one you might expect to show up every now and then.  But a few new “young guns” to watch go at it are C.M. Punk, R-Truth, “the Miz”, Alex Riley (who used to “work for” “the Miz”), and Dolph Ziggler.

What you might be surprised at is the Divas of the WWE.  There’s a pretty long list now of ladies who have joined the men in the sqaure circle to go a few rounds.  A few of the names to look for are Kelly Kelly, the Bella twins (Brie and Nikki), and Dolph Ziggler’s manager Vickie Guererro (who always seems to announce her presence with “Excuse me!” to everyone’s chagrin).

For more information on the WWE, any of the Superstars, any of the Divas, or any of the Hall of Fame wrestlers, just check out the websites!  There’s even a page for Where Are They Now if you want to check out current happenings on some of your old faves.

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