Something is always bound to go “wrong” when you visit any store.  It’s just going to happen because “things happen” and you never know how things will run.  But yesterday, my lunch experience had too many to not fill you in on.

First, let me say that I frequent this Burger King at least a few times a week, if not several.  They’re very nice people with good personalities and even know my usual order sometimes.  Typically everything is clean and runs smoothly, and often I don’t have a wait in line at lunch.  So overall, they get high marks from me.

It started out with either bad communication or a lack of communication.  I’m not sure which is the real culprit.  The guy behind the counter had a thick accent that I loved hearing, but I think it made it a bit hard for the customer to understand him completely and really follow what he was saying. And I’m not sure the customer was conveying his message very clearly either. The customer wanted his side order a mix of fries AND onion rings. Obviously, they don’t sell them that way, even if it’s a novel idea. I think he might have gone on a bit too long trying to explain what he wanted and how he’d gotten them that way before and how he couldn’t eat two whole orders  I think the cashier kind of understood what he was wanting, but I don’t think he accurately explained his perspective for the customer to understand. From what I understood, if the customer got a large enough size, he could work it out for them to be mixed, but I don’t know that the customer understood that or just didn’t want a larger size. (He ordered a value size.) The customer got a bit aggitated, seeming to think the cashier was being unreasonable, and “just ordered fries” instead. The cashier did ask the lady serving up the fries to try to mix them if she could, which was very nice and smart on his part. I hate to see communication problems like that, so it kind of bothered me.

I got my order very promptly, fixed my drink at the station and found a seat.  That’s when I notice it. Chalk scribbles. On the floor. I feel bad because I’m pretty sure whoever’s going to be responsible for cleaning it up won’t be happy. This might take some scrubbing and elbow grease to get up.  Uh-oh, then there was a drip right on my purse. Time to move to the other side!  And then another drip  This air conditioning vent obviously had it out for me! Now it was time to move over to by the window.

Next up was the lady who walks in on her cell phone, which bothers me from the start.  I’m hoping she’s not about to try to order while still on the cell phone.  Fortunately, no, she does get off he cell phone.  Then she proceeds to talk to the lady behind the counter about some wallet that evidently she was supposed to be buying for the lady behind the counter.  (Personal business on company time like that, in front of customers, doesn’t seem kosher.)

So this same lady decides to get an order and she’s really kind of naturally loud.  The guy from behind the counter earlier strikes up a fairly loudconversation with her.  And of course, this continues on her end from the counter all the way to her table, so now she’s yelling across a chunk of the restuarant back to him.  He’s being polite and yelling back.  (This is really too loud and not very polite to the other customers who don’t particularly care to be in on your conversation and might be trying to have a peaceful lunch.)