For your entertainment…

Money seems to be the one thing that we just can’t get by without.  And it seems that most of us could stand to have a little more in our bank accounts as well.  We all have those things we dream of “if we had the money” or “if we won the lottery.”  Many stay-at-home moms look for ways to add income to the family budget, which isn’t easy for obvious reasons.  This usually means a venture into the direct sales business.  So I thought I’d share a few of my favorites out there.

The ultimate is Tupperware!  Oh the parties that have been had selling these plastic wares!  They’ve come out with some useful, durable, practical stuff over the years and a lot of women have really benefitted from this company.  Lots of colors and lots of uses… and lots of products!  This is one that I’ve never bought from, but I kind of wonder why not?

This one is probably my second favorite since (in the interest of full disclosure) I sold this ever-so-briefly.  PartyLite candles and accessories are fantastic for decorating and creating just the atmosphere you want.  There are different sized candles in many different scents, you’re sure to find one you love!  Two of the benefits I love about PartyLite candles are the 100 percent cotton wick (no soot/ smoke) and that they burn up  completely, leaving no mess.  A recent addition to PartyLite is Two Sisters Gourmet with recipes and spices and more that can only add to your hosting success.

If I ever went back to the idea of doing direct sales, I would probably go with Premier Designs.  They’ve got some really affordable and very versatile jewelry.  It’s much nicer than costume jewelry, but not as expensive as fine jewelry.  (The benefit to selling this is that you actually wear your product on a daily basis!)  I’ve got on a piece that changes deminsions with different outfits depending on how the colors play off of the beads, it’s very cool.

Another company worth looking into, especially for the chefs, is Pampered Chef.  This is for all your cooking gadgets!  I think their pizza stone is probably their most popular item, or at least was and should be.  They’ve got all kinds of tools for making cooking easy and fun.  The shows are fun because they consist of actually making a dish using the items for sale.  (There are also plenty of recipes to be shared for making use of plenty of the merchandise!)

My latest find in the realm of home shopping and direct sales is an up-and-coming company called Scentsy.  This company is akin to PartyLite, but a good bit different.  Scentsy is flame-less candles, “plug-ins” if you will.  They have three different sizes in their main product line: Plug-in, Mid-size, and Full-size, depending on the space and need.  These warmers melt a bar of scented wax when you turn them on.  These are great if you have pets or children since it’s not an actual flame.

The Today Show aired a segment on direct sales just the other morning.  For some tips or hints or just nuggets of information, check it out here.

Let me know if you are interested in any of the products and need a consultant.  I can put you in contact with one!