So I have one lone subscriber here in the blogosphere, Mackleen.  So her diary is today’s Fun Friday Find!  Head over via the link (her name) and check out what she has to say… especially if you’re the writer type.

I met Mackleen over a year ago now. She was my lone English tutor that first quarter I was working here at Chattahoochee Tech. I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know her and reading her witty and insighful writings on her Boujie Mack blog. (Don’t tell her, but the other’s I’ve still got to check out!) If I didn’t have my editor-in-chief husband, she’d be my go-to person. (She’s still my solid back-up!) She might even could talk me into video blogging, but we’ll have to see about that. I really enjoy talking to Mackleen because she looks at some of the same things I do, but from the other angle or side of it.

Mackleen has tutored for Chattahoochee Technical College, as well as having taught online English courses for Ashford University.  She holds a BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing with a minor in Sociology from Emerson College and an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from Argosy University. She’s currently a columnist and writer for both the Tucker Patch and Snytch, both online publications.