I doubt I’m the only one that plans meals and traveling to coordinate.  The easiest thing for me (and usually my husband with me) to do when I head to my parents is to eat before leaving town.  Typically, Anthony and I are leaving Saturday morning for the drive to Montgomery, Ala.  This past weekend though, it was just myself leaving after work at about 2 p.m.

I’d had no lunch break and breakfast was three hours earlier.  I’d also heard tale of some fantastic barbecue down the road from my campus.  I’d also agreed to bring said barbecue with me on Monday to our family gathering.  It was an easy choice to simply dine at Wallace’s while I picked up the barbecue I’d heard so much about.

The restaurant was further down Veteran’s Memorial than I’d thought, but it wasn’t hard to find.  It also wasn’t hard to get into the parking lot or to actually park my car.  I was pleased that I was eating late enough not to hit a rush, although I’m pretty sure there had been since there were a few waitresses on a lunch break.  Once inside, I decided this was going to remind me of one of my Montgomery favorites, Country’s Barbecue.  The decor was heavy on wood and had some knickknacks on the wall.

The menu was simple but quite sufficient:  barbecued beef, pork and chicken with appropriate sides available.  I went with a popular order, I’m sure, getting the barbecue pork with fries.  There was absolutely plenty of juicy barbecue for the bun it was served with.  The fries were  home-style and pretty nicely done, but they did need some salt.  (That was easily remedied, it was on the table.)  The vinegar-based sauce covered the meat and soaked in so nicely, yet was not overwhelming for the smokey flavor from the barbecuing.

The price for lunch was what I expected, but my to-go order was a little pricier than I’d expected.  It was not a waste of money at all though, and actually worth what I paid.  On Monday, I pulled the meat out of the refrigerator and mixed the sauce in.  The meat was just as juicy and delicious heated up at lunch as it had been on Friday at lunch.  I was pleased and I think my family was as well.

Overall, I think I can recommend Wallace’s Barbecue of Austell just as much as it was recommended to me!