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it ain’t easy bein’ single…

If you’re born single, why wouldn’t you just want to stay that way?  It seems like most every single person alive at some point develops some deep desire to have a significant other.  Now, how that happens and when varies as much as each human being does.  Part of it ends up with each of us developing our own ideas as to how and when it should happen both for us and for others.

When I was a little girl, I was just like every other little girl.  I dreamed up just how I thought my life should go.  I wanted to be a teacher, which meant going to college.  Now after college is when I wanted to get married.  So that means being married by about 25.  Then would come children.  So that probably gets me to about 30 before I’m married with children.

Let’s not talk about how many wrenches were thrown into those plans… well, okay, let’s.

It all started with being diagnosed at 12 with Turner’s Syndrome.  It’s a chromosome abnormality that means not only am I short, but I can’t have children of my own.  So that disrupts that plan, whenever it comes about.

Now I’m sure guys thought I was short and cute and sweet, but I never dated a soul through junior high and high school.  Oh, don’t get my wrong, I had some crushes (and no, I’m not naming them here!).  I just never had anything remotely resembling a relationship like that.  I had plenty of friends at church and school.  My family loved me, my friends loved me well enough, so I was fine and had a good life.  I wasn’t missing anything as far as I was concerned.  College was just more of the same with even better and closer friends and more crushes.

The day my sister got married that all changed.  I’d been so busy living my life, I’d not put much thought into it until then.  I remember sitting in my bridesmaid’s dress in the house of the theatre after her wedding.  That’s when it hit me – and hard!  I was alone with no prospect of finding someone to date, let alone marry.  There was no one at work and not likely to be.  There was no one at church and who knew if there would be.  My hobby was theatre and there wasn’t anyone there with no real prospect there.  And I most certainly wasn’t going to a bar or parties to meet someone to marry.  I knew that was no where near the kind of man I wanted to be in a relationship with and eventually marry.  So now what?

Then I finally gave in.  I set up an eHarmony account.  It took me hours to do the questionnaire, but I really learned a lot about myself and the kind of guy I should be looking for.  I met a few guys, but most just kind of dropped off.  Good riddance, they weren’t wasting my time!  I had a couple of real heartaches from a couple of the guys I actually met and went out with, but I survived like every other girl does, despite the tears.

I was matched with Anthony the first part of December 2005, just a couple of months after I’d joined.  By Jan. 11, 2006, we were emailing and becoming good friends.  He was such a sweet, good friend and listened to me vent about a couple of heartaches.  We finally met in person on Oct. 22, 2006, at the Starbucks on the Eastern By-pass in Montgomery.  We were officially a couple on Dec. 27, 2006.  The day before my 33rd birthday was one of the best days of my life.  Anthony proposed!  It was a day I’d really been waiting for over 20 years.  I was ecstatic and planned a wedding over the next few months. We were married on Jan. 2, 2010, thus ending my life as a single woman.

There are times that I miss being single and not being attached to someone, but not enough to go back.  I loved my life, but I love it just as much as I do my husband now.  There are things I learned along the way that I pass along, so stay tuned for that!


The Second Floor of Sardi’s…

THE SECOND FLOOR OF SARDI’S: A Drink With Terrence McNally –

Check out this interview with the author of Master Class, Terrence McNally.

my Monday night guilty pleasure…

Yes, professional wrestling is real.  No, not the way you think it is.

Now you’re probably wondering “what in the world?”  I’m probably not the typical demographic for watching professional wrestling, but I do enjoy watching the matches.  The main reason being that I got some stage combat training in high school with my Musical Theatre class.  I think it was one day a week we studied with Jim Brown, learning rolls and punches.  We didn’t get very far by professional standards, but we enjoyed it and added some skills to our “belt.”

It wasn’t until sometime in college though that I really took to watching professional wrestling on television.  I had watched bits as a child, including the Saturday morning cartoon with the Hulk and Mr. T.  But now I was watching with an eye on the technique(s) and stunts.  I loved it!  I was having a blast essentially dissecting what they were doing and figuring out exactly how they were getting away with the tricks that looked so dangerous to spectators.  I still do this today, even though there’s a lot more “smack talk” that goes on than there used to be (more than is actually necessary, but no one asked me).

Currently running are two different shows, Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smack Down.  I watch on Mondays at 9PM (Eastern) on USA Network.  If you’re going to watch, there are a few names I can give you to look for.  Vince McMahon is a name you’d recognize if you’ve ever really watched in the past.  He’s been an icon in professional wrestling since I was a child.  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has been around for a while, so he’s one you might expect to show up every now and then.  But a few new “young guns” to watch go at it are C.M. Punk, R-Truth, “the Miz”, Alex Riley (who used to “work for” “the Miz”), and Dolph Ziggler.

What you might be surprised at is the Divas of the WWE.  There’s a pretty long list now of ladies who have joined the men in the sqaure circle to go a few rounds.  A few of the names to look for are Kelly Kelly, the Bella twins (Brie and Nikki), and Dolph Ziggler’s manager Vickie Guererro (who always seems to announce her presence with “Excuse me!” to everyone’s chagrin).

For more information on the WWE, any of the Superstars, any of the Divas, or any of the Hall of Fame wrestlers, just check out the websites!  There’s even a page for Where Are They Now if you want to check out current happenings on some of your old faves.

PS- This guy actually has a Chinese and Soul food place here in Atlanta!  It’s good stuff!

the girl who lived…

In the middle of the afternoon on June 11, 1976, there was a 6 pound, 13 ounce baby girl born.  She was about 19 1/4 inches with blonde hair and blue eyes.  No one knew she was lucky just to be alive.  She might have been little, but evidently she had some spunk to her.  She was taken to Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital because of a heart murmur.  She was also diagnosed as “failure to thrive,” which I’m sure scared her 22-year-old parents to pieces in addition to the heart murmur.

such a cute baby

What they didn’t know was that “failure to thrive” was actually a misdiagnosis.  You see, in order to diagnosis a baby as “failure to thrive” there has to be no other explanation for the lack of progress in growth.  This baby is me, in case you didn’t figure that one out, and what they didn’t know was that the reason I was so small and not seeming to grow at a normal rate is that I have what is called Turner’s Syndrome, named after the doctor (an endocrinologist) who identified it in 1938.

Turner’s Syndrome (TS) is a chromosome abnormality where one of the X chromosomes is either completely missing or is partially missing.  This can also either affect all cells or some cells.  If it affects only some, this is usually referred to as Mosaic TS.  This is, however, strictly a disorder that affects women.  I would say the primary characteristic is short stature, that’s most common among TS girls.  Many times, TS girls are prescribed growth hormones (GH) in order to promote growth and increase the potential height of the patient.  Other physical traits are webbing at the neck/ fingers/ toes, drooping eyelids, up-turned fingernails, low-set ears, a receding or small lower jaw, among others listed here.

There are also not as obvious issues that are prevalent in TS girls.  Internally, there are heart and kidney issues that may arise.  Hearing and eyesight may also be affected.  (I would imagine blindness and deafness are not uncommon possibilities.)  Often, ovaries are often not developed or are underdeveloped, often resulting in infertility.  Because of these potential organ issues, there are other “side effects” of TS to look out for: high blood pressure, diabetes, ear infections, UTIs (urinary tract infections), ovarian malignancy, hypothyroidism, and others.

I’m one of the lucky ones.  While I wasn’t approved to receive GH, I’m probably in the 95th percentile for TS girls (as opposed to probably the 5th percentile on a normal growth chart).  The only real organ impact was my ovaries.  (So no, I can’t have kids, but we might adopt later.)  I am on a hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  I’m also on medication for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Now why am I one of the lucky ones?  About 99 percent of TS fetuses do not make it past the first trimester.  (It’s believed that TS accounts for roughly 10 percent of all spontaneous abortions in the United States.)  And about 1 in 2,000 live female births is a TS girl.  So I feel lucky to be alive and lucky not to have the problems I could have with this abnormality.

me and my husband, Anthony

This is a sweet TS friend who lives in Lithuania…

not such a good day to be the King… evidently…

Something is always bound to go “wrong” when you visit any store.  It’s just going to happen because “things happen” and you never know how things will run.  But yesterday, my lunch experience had too many to not fill you in on.

First, let me say that I frequent this Burger King at least a few times a week, if not several.  They’re very nice people with good personalities and even know my usual order sometimes.  Typically everything is clean and runs smoothly, and often I don’t have a wait in line at lunch.  So overall, they get high marks from me.

It started out with either bad communication or a lack of communication.  I’m not sure which is the real culprit.  The guy behind the counter had a thick accent that I loved hearing, but I think it made it a bit hard for the customer to understand him completely and really follow what he was saying. And I’m not sure the customer was conveying his message very clearly either. The customer wanted his side order a mix of fries AND onion rings. Obviously, they don’t sell them that way, even if it’s a novel idea. I think he might have gone on a bit too long trying to explain what he wanted and how he’d gotten them that way before and how he couldn’t eat two whole orders  I think the cashier kind of understood what he was wanting, but I don’t think he accurately explained his perspective for the customer to understand. From what I understood, if the customer got a large enough size, he could work it out for them to be mixed, but I don’t know that the customer understood that or just didn’t want a larger size. (He ordered a value size.) The customer got a bit aggitated, seeming to think the cashier was being unreasonable, and “just ordered fries” instead. The cashier did ask the lady serving up the fries to try to mix them if she could, which was very nice and smart on his part. I hate to see communication problems like that, so it kind of bothered me.

I got my order very promptly, fixed my drink at the station and found a seat.  That’s when I notice it. Chalk scribbles. On the floor. I feel bad because I’m pretty sure whoever’s going to be responsible for cleaning it up won’t be happy. This might take some scrubbing and elbow grease to get up.  Uh-oh, then there was a drip right on my purse. Time to move to the other side!  And then another drip  This air conditioning vent obviously had it out for me! Now it was time to move over to by the window.

Next up was the lady who walks in on her cell phone, which bothers me from the start.  I’m hoping she’s not about to try to order while still on the cell phone.  Fortunately, no, she does get off he cell phone.  Then she proceeds to talk to the lady behind the counter about some wallet that evidently she was supposed to be buying for the lady behind the counter.  (Personal business on company time like that, in front of customers, doesn’t seem kosher.)

So this same lady decides to get an order and she’s really kind of naturally loud.  The guy from behind the counter earlier strikes up a fairly loudconversation with her.  And of course, this continues on her end from the counter all the way to her table, so now she’s yelling across a chunk of the restuarant back to him.  He’s being polite and yelling back.  (This is really too loud and not very polite to the other customers who don’t particularly care to be in on your conversation and might be trying to have a peaceful lunch.)

“Money, Money, Money”

For your entertainment…

Money seems to be the one thing that we just can’t get by without.  And it seems that most of us could stand to have a little more in our bank accounts as well.  We all have those things we dream of “if we had the money” or “if we won the lottery.”  Many stay-at-home moms look for ways to add income to the family budget, which isn’t easy for obvious reasons.  This usually means a venture into the direct sales business.  So I thought I’d share a few of my favorites out there.

The ultimate is Tupperware!  Oh the parties that have been had selling these plastic wares!  They’ve come out with some useful, durable, practical stuff over the years and a lot of women have really benefitted from this company.  Lots of colors and lots of uses… and lots of products!  This is one that I’ve never bought from, but I kind of wonder why not?

This one is probably my second favorite since (in the interest of full disclosure) I sold this ever-so-briefly.  PartyLite candles and accessories are fantastic for decorating and creating just the atmosphere you want.  There are different sized candles in many different scents, you’re sure to find one you love!  Two of the benefits I love about PartyLite candles are the 100 percent cotton wick (no soot/ smoke) and that they burn up  completely, leaving no mess.  A recent addition to PartyLite is Two Sisters Gourmet with recipes and spices and more that can only add to your hosting success.

If I ever went back to the idea of doing direct sales, I would probably go with Premier Designs.  They’ve got some really affordable and very versatile jewelry.  It’s much nicer than costume jewelry, but not as expensive as fine jewelry.  (The benefit to selling this is that you actually wear your product on a daily basis!)  I’ve got on a piece that changes deminsions with different outfits depending on how the colors play off of the beads, it’s very cool.

Another company worth looking into, especially for the chefs, is Pampered Chef.  This is for all your cooking gadgets!  I think their pizza stone is probably their most popular item, or at least was and should be.  They’ve got all kinds of tools for making cooking easy and fun.  The shows are fun because they consist of actually making a dish using the items for sale.  (There are also plenty of recipes to be shared for making use of plenty of the merchandise!)

My latest find in the realm of home shopping and direct sales is an up-and-coming company called Scentsy.  This company is akin to PartyLite, but a good bit different.  Scentsy is flame-less candles, “plug-ins” if you will.  They have three different sizes in their main product line: Plug-in, Mid-size, and Full-size, depending on the space and need.  These warmers melt a bar of scented wax when you turn them on.  These are great if you have pets or children since it’s not an actual flame.

The Today Show aired a segment on direct sales just the other morning.  For some tips or hints or just nuggets of information, check it out here.

Let me know if you are interested in any of the products and need a consultant.  I can put you in contact with one!

Fun Find Friday… Mackleen

So I have one lone subscriber here in the blogosphere, Mackleen.  So her diary is today’s Fun Friday Find!  Head over via the link (her name) and check out what she has to say… especially if you’re the writer type.

I met Mackleen over a year ago now. She was my lone English tutor that first quarter I was working here at Chattahoochee Tech. I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know her and reading her witty and insighful writings on her Boujie Mack blog. (Don’t tell her, but the other’s I’ve still got to check out!) If I didn’t have my editor-in-chief husband, she’d be my go-to person. (She’s still my solid back-up!) She might even could talk me into video blogging, but we’ll have to see about that. I really enjoy talking to Mackleen because she looks at some of the same things I do, but from the other angle or side of it.

Mackleen has tutored for Chattahoochee Technical College, as well as having taught online English courses for Ashford University.  She holds a BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing with a minor in Sociology from Emerson College and an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from Argosy University. She’s currently a columnist and writer for both the Tucker Patch and Snytch, both online publications.